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Wishbone MediaWorks has been serving businesses on the Web since 1999. With long-standing clients, an array of robust tools on our belts, we work hard for our clients to give them the products, service and support they need. Located in the eastern United States, we support clients all over the world.

Wishbone Mediaworks

Wishbone MediaWorks is not your garden variety Web design and development agency. We offer the experience of technology direction, creative direction, world-class design, and top-notch programming. Our clients range from the well-known household names to community non-profit organizations. We won't sell you things you don't need and don't want. We don't mark up our rates to accommodate sales teams and espresso bars. Wishbone Media... Works!

With the advent of Web 2.0 and the proliferation of sites that create communities and deliver information to them, our world has discovered a new, daily way of exchanging information. Where information is exchanged, so is commerce. Is your organization or company fully utilizing the power behind this new normal?

What do we mean by Web 2.0? You may hear about Web 2.0 and think immediately of myspace or Facebook, but there are other potential avenues to success with this movement-- user generated content, streaming media, mobile media, podcasts, blogs, applications, and RSS feeds. From cattle ranchers to music lovers, from new mothers to niche marketers-- Wishbone can help you discover ways to utilize modern Web tools to reach an audience.

Wishbone MediaWorks is a Drupal shop. Drupal is a CMS, or Content Management System. CMS's offer website owners a means of editing a website without programming knowledge of any kind.

Simple "point and click" Content Management systems have been around for years, but Drupal, and how we exploit its power, is different.

Other CMS's offer simple text editing, some even go as far as adding image handling to your webpages. Wishbone exploits Drupal to take it several steps further by offering Rich Content in the form of Audio, Videos, Interactive Flash, Polls and more.

In addition, our developers are capable of creating custom themes for Drupal in which Drupal is capable of editing stunning, full-screen Flash websites.

There's more to reality than mere perception. Your tool has to work for you. That's where we come in.

Wishbone MediaWorks
Wishbone MediaWorks

Wishbone MediaWorks


Wishbone Mediaworks enjoys strong relationships with its clients. Over the years, Wishbone has worked for higher education, government agencies, entertainment clients, tourism businesses, investors, private and non-profit clients, as well as the budding entrepreneurs. View our partial client list of satisfied customers.

House at Whispering Water

house at whispering water Ease of updating and ability to add depth and search engine relevancy to the site, House at Whispering Water increased their visibility and rentals.

Sunglass Warehouse

sunglass warehouse Sunglass Warehouse is one of the top sunglasses shops in the southeast. They needed a site that showcased their many stores and the upscale brands and styles.

SPF Skategear

stik rick SPF Skategear knew it had in us more than just highly competent designers and programmers-- but also skate enthusiasts! They love the way their new site showcases their amazing custom-built skateboards.

Smoky Mountain Diner

smoky mountain diner Even small, hometown restaurants need to be online, where their customers are looking for that perfect spot for a meal. SmokyMountainDiner got lots of good advice for a business on an economy budget for web and social media. We provided ongoing support and updates to Facebook and Twitter.

Slow Food Network

slow food network With the growing slow food movement came a need to network slow foodies from all over the world. Slow Food Network is one of our most successful and thriving projects completed by a start-up.

Shaping Pharma

shaping pharma ShapingPharma was a project taken from start-up concept through full integration. Project management, information architecture, identity, and aggregation were key elements to this project.

Restoring Bungalows

restoring bungalows A niche social network where bungalow owners can commune and share history, ideas, and practical DIY tips.

ParkRidge Health

parkridge health When Top Floor Studio needed some help with the new site for ParkRidge Health, we were able to provide key assistance with theming and forms.

Midwest Olympians

midwest olympians Former Olympians and Paralympians living in the Midwestern US now have a great site to feature their work, list upcoming events, and promote new athletes.

Laymon Group

laymon group Laymon Group shopped around for the best value in web agencies and chose us because of our experience and dedication to customer service.

Ida Mae Center

ida mae center Cancer can be incredibly taxing on its victims and their families. This is why we chose to provide IdaMaeCenter.org, a Jacksonville, NC-based support center, with a donated Drupal website to help them further their visibility in Eastern NC.

Griesbach Automotive

griesbach automotive We are thrilled with the design and implementation of the Drupal site we built for Griesbach Automotive in cooperation with ArtWebsites. The customer couldn't be happier.

Cedar Creek Pet Resort

cedar creek pet resort The folks at Cedar Creek were looking for a content management system that would allow them to update frequently and post automatically to their social networks.

Air Center of Nevada

air center of nevada Niche markets are our specialty. We thoroughly reviewed ACN's market and developed a website fit their corporate mission.

Asheville Area Property

asheville area property News aggregation in the real estate market is on the rise because it reflects the dynamic nature of property sales, management and rentals. This top-ranked location-based website is a complete package.

Little Mill Country Club

little mill country club Little Mill Country Club wanted a social network site to encourage internet participation from their members, as well as a full CMS to manage the site.

Casciano Coffee

casciano coffee Casciano Coffee wanted Drupal to be able to administer all areas of their site from their WIFI coffee shop. Wishbone MediaWorks made that happen for them.

Proximity Marketing

proximity marketing Proximity Marketing is a fantastic new technology that allows Bluetooth messages to be sent to mobile phones. With ongoing campaigns for the Def Leppard and Poison tour, as well as Macy's Thanksgiving Parade they needed a site to teach the technology.

Nova Fantasy Sports

nova fantasy sports Nova Fantasy Sports, a premier player in the Fantasy sports market dropped their Wordpress site in favor of a stronger and richer Drupal implementation. Now fantasy sports fans can get real time news and purchase the top draft guides available anywhere on the internet!

Tim McGraw

tim mcgraw For the 2008 'Live Your Voice' tour, the staff at Wishbone MediaWorks created interactive USB wristbands and other tour collateral for Tim McGraw. Such a great client, we are just as much fans as we are vendors!

Ace Marketing

ace marketing Wishbone works with Ace Marketing on a variety of projects-- we support the Web and interactive portion of promoting their clients.

AAI Pharma

aaiPharma AAI Pharma uses Drupal with a custom theme to project their image internationally. They use Wishbone MediaWorks for all of their Web development needs.

BONK! Comedy Game Show

bonk! comedy game show BONK! is an interactive comedy game show now going nationwide. With appearances at Planet Hollywood, Funny Bone and The Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas it will be in your town (or on your TV) soon!

Asheville Area Property

asheville area property Looking for an advertising revenue generating site led Asheville Area Property to Wishbone MediaWorks. A Drupal site with ad regions allows this client to generate income and promote a beautiful region.

The Grammys

Backstage at the Grammys Wishbone MediaWorks built the CMS for deploying photos and video content for Backstage at the Grammys.

Guarding Green

guarding green Guarding Green needed a new theme for their eco-instructional Drupal site. The site worked and offered a lot of content about how to help our planet, but it needed a new logo and a new Drupal theme to keep people reading.

Lexile, by MetaMetrics

Lexile, by MetaMetrics Lexile, by MetaMetrics is the flagship software product by MetaMetrics, of Durham, North Carolina. Lexile trusted Wishbone to re-brand their product used in classrooms across the US and Spanish speaking countries.

Bailey Films

bailey films Bailey Films is another satisfied client of Wishbone MediaWorks. Reid Bailey loves Drupal and how it works for his company.

Survivor Box

survivor box Getting a non-profit off the ground is no small task and the folks at SurvivorBox needed a website that showcased not what was in operation, but the dream of supplying areas afflicted with natural and man-made disasters the supplies necessary to live. We also supply social network management services for SurvivorBox.

Stadler Tax Professionals

stadler tax professionals Stadler Tax's website was outdated and they needed a new solution complete with social network integration and blogging. We provided design, development, and training with this Drupal project.

Southern Food Network

southern food network We built one of the most successful blog aggregate sites on the web for southern food aficionados. This site needed branding, social network integration, and a reliable and robust platform, easily managed by a non-technical site administrator.


smilefest Music festivals are all about the experience, so creative direction, site design and programming were all completed by us with an eye for the end-user experience. Site is easy to update and use.

Sidearm Surf and Skate

sidearm For years this awesome surf & skate shop in Wilmington, NC struggled with getting a website that reflected the expertise and culture of the shop. Wishbone was able to do that and more, by adding shopping cart functionality and integrating online payments.


sanipure A laboratory testing service needed a new logo and a website/ content management system. A lab must have a website that projects the reliability and professionalism to match their lab's quality. We made that happen.

Hames Raku Pottery

hames raku pottery Raku pottery is a very beautiful old form of pottery making. Hames was looking for a website that would allow for blogging, elegant display of pottery images, and updates to social networks.

P. A. Hames

pa hames P.A. Hames needed a full web/ social media presence for her consulting business-- complete with ability to blog and syndicate to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We put her business in the places it needed to be to get noticed.

Names Connect

names connect Start ups with big ideas and small budgets come to us to help them brand their idea and build a reliable, secure framework for it. We hit NamesConnect out of the park.

Integrated Process Technologies

ipt We specialize in highly technical small - medium sized businesses and help get them seen by potential clients. IPT enjoys being able to update the site without help from a developer.

Margaret Haynes for Wilmington City Council

vote haynes 2011 Margaret Haynes campaign entrusted us, on an economy budget, to provide a professional looking site where constituents could learn more about her campaign. She needed PayPal donation integration and Facebook and Twitter.

Community Motors

community motors Motors make the world go around, and Community Motors is no exception. This custom Drupal implementation revs up their online presence.

Carter's Dachshunds

carter's dachshunds Carters Dachshunds came to us in desperate need of integration social networking sites with a new framework that would allow them to quickly and efficiently update puppy photos and accept deposits online. Communicating with customers is no longer "ruff" business.

Asheville-Buncombe Technical College

ab tech Our experience with higher ed rollouts and our knowledge of Drupal made us the perfect hired gurus to help A-B Tech with their new Drupal site.

Beer Petitions

beer petitions Beer Petitions allows registered users to create an online petition for a specific beer brand to be carried at a particular retail establishment such as a bar, restaurant, or store. Members create profiles, add their signatures to petitions, and add comments to petition pages.

US Executive Journal

US executive journal US Executive Journal, one of the many sites by BullRun Media of Bethesda Maryland needed a custom programming shop to create a news portal to back up their printed magazine titles.

Jimmy Williams Photography

jimmy williams photography Jimmy Williams Productions used the expertise of Wishbone MediaWorks in the technical presentation of this outstanding photography.

Port City Eye

port city eye Port City Eye Associates wanted a slick Flash presentation with music, animation and lots of interactivity. Wishbone delivered the site and well as branding and photography to this great Wilmington, NC client.


lonestar Lonestar has amassed nine number one hits since they formed and three of their CD's reaching either Gold or Platinum status. Wishbone is happy to continue supporting Lonestar's website.

Cattle In Motion

cattle in motion When Cattle In Motion sought a true business relationship with the developers who would help with his unique business, he found us.

Swim Wilmington

swim wilmington Swim Wilmington took a big jump into uncharted waters by choosing Wishbone to build their Drupal site. Now, from any poolside with internet access, the team at Swim Wilmington can update their entire site.

Bluff Mountain Outfitters

bluff mountain outfitters The Appalachian Trail-based Bluff Mountain Outfitters have been clients of Wishbone's since 2002. They keep coming back for more and love their new Drupal site.

Country Countdown USA

ccusa CCUSA needed help with a previously-designed and programmed video player. Who better than Wishbone to save the day?

StikRick, Rick Allen of Def Leppard

stik rick Stik Rick is the personal site of Rick Allen, one-armed drummer for Def Leppard. We had a blast adding the interactive drumset for a different client as freelancers, and now we're pleased to know that our work is still being used.

Land Management Group

land management group Land Management Group had a history with the developers at Wishbone, so when their previous agency went belly-up and the time came to freshen up their site and train them to use Drupal, they knew who to call.

My Writing Web

my writing web My Writing Web is a new web-based instructional and tracking tool for elementary school writing teachers. Another great MetaMetrics project!


tvMHC tvMHC is a Flash Video CMS allowing students of the university to contribute their own video blogs. The site was built on the Zope Plone CMS using XMLRPC services to Flash and FFMPEG to encode videos on the server.

100% Magic

magician Entertainers love Drupal. 100% Magic is an Australian-based entertainment site where reservations, confirmation emails, events and dates are all easily handled to take some of the work out of the business.

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Wishbone MediaWorks
Wishbone MediaWorks

Wishbone MediaWorks


Wishbone MediaWorks is a Drupal shop. We have been in the Web development industry for a long time and understand its history, its users, its potential. We believe that a CMS is for everyone who depends on the Web to communicate, promote, or sell.


A content management system, such as Drupal, enables your organization and its community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on your mobile, Flash, and html website.

A CMS can be administered entirely using a web browser, making it possible to access it from around the world and requires no software to be installed on your computer.

Our clients all agree that when it comes to expertise in the area of Drupal, we are second to none. We are often called upon to repair a previous installation or re-theme a botched job from another developer or agency. Upon request, we can supply you with testimonials and references for our work.

Wishbone MediaWorks
Wishbone MediaWorks

Wishbone MediaWorks


Wishbone MediaWorks puts the power of Drupal, a multi-platform content management system in your hands in a usable and manageable way. This is the way the Web was meant to be used. It should be easy for you to send your message, find your customers, and interface with them in a variety of ways. We do it every day.

Advanced Analytics

report Drupal integrates with a number of analytical tools, like Urchin, Google Analytics and others. With advanced statistics on your web properties, it makes marketing your sites much easier.

Database Independence

database independence Drupal is built on top of a database abstraction layer that enables use with MySQL and PostgreSQL.


platform Drupal was designed to be multi-platform. Not only can you use it with either Apache or Microsoft IIS but it also runs on Linux, BSD, Solaris, Windows, and Mac OS X platforms.

Logging and Reporting

logging and reporting Important activities and system events are captured in an event log to be reviewed by an administrator.


multi-language Drupal is designed to meet the requirements of an international audience and provides a full framework to create a multi-lingual user experience. All navigational text can be translated using a graphical user interface, by importing existing translations, or by integrating with other translation tools such as the GNU get text.


custom Drupal has a variety of applications to choose from and we can build new ones for you. A Wishbone custom-themed Drupal site with integrated applications will give your site a rich user experience.


integration Third party application with documented APIs can be integrated into a Drupal site, such as human resource management, salesforce.com, inventory management, and other applications that are mission critical to your business.

Analysis and Statistics

analysis and statistics Drupal allows for printing browser-based reports with information about referrals, content ranking and how visitors behave.


caching The caching mechanism eliminates database queries increasing performance and reducing the server's load. Not only can the caching be tuned in real time, while your site is under load, but it has been successfully tested under extreme traffic circumstances and performed well.

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Wishbone MediaWorks
Wishbone MediaWorks

Wishbone MediaWorks


Wishbone MediaWorks supports what it builds. We even support things we didn't build. Our customers love the support we offer. We shoot straight with our clients and that builds something very important, trust.


Wishbone Mediaworks' clients enjoy a second-to-none level of service. Our staff and account managers are always reachable by phone or email. Customers feel comfortable working with Wishbone Mediaworks knowing that the combined years of experience and personal attention they receive sets their Web experience apart from their competition.

Our System

Wishbone MediaWorks' clients enjoy strong support from the team. We can be reached seven days a week by phone or email. When you call, you don't get put in a queue or a tiered system of support, we get back with you on the same business day.

Wishbone MediaWorks
Wishbone MediaWorks



Wishbone MediaWorks wants to hear from you. Whether you are a Wishbone customer who is on the run and wants to leave us a message or request or if you are a new customer who has had it "up to here" with your current Web agency-- tell us what you need and how we can help you. We return all calls within hours.


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